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Forever Skies demo is available again

We’re delighted to tell you that Forever Skies extended demo is available on Steam again!

Thanks to your awesome feedback, the demo will return with improvements made and additional accessibility options available. Here are a few of the key updates we’ve made to the demo:

  • The timer extended to 40 minutes in the open-world section. This is for players to get to grips with the building mechanics and see more of the world in Forever Skies.

  • FOV Slider added due to players experiencing motion sickness with the default view.

  • Mouse lag strength slider has been improved as players reported the last slider made little difference.

  • Chinese localization added - we will be adding more languages soon.

These are just a few of the improvements, you can find the full change log list here. Expect more demo updates in the near future! meanwhile, we invite you to play the latest version of our demo.


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