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“We exist to create games that will make 

a significant mark in history of the medium”

Who are We

We are a small independent AA+ studio founded in 2020 by developers and passionate gamers, who share three goals:

1. To create a great work environment which will allow people to grow, be ambitious and have a real impact on the projects and the studio itself.


2. To serve players. Our role is to listen, watch, analyze and bring the best possible  experience for the gaming community. 

3. To start a discussion about the future of the Earth and humankind. We believe that games can be a tool for enacting change in the world and with this in mind we want to blend important topics with the joy of gaming.

Meet The Team

Our values, a collective of principles - coming from our shared experiences, from our ambitions to make Far From Home a studio we want to build and grow. 

  • Passion


We are driven by passion for creating games. Ambitious to leave the comfort zone, always looking for ways to learn and improve. Challenging the status quo is in our blood. All this to make quality games for the players and a great company to work for.

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  • Transparency


What we value in any communication is transparency. We will not waste your time with PR statements of smoke and mirrors. Letting our community know about our next steps, sharing with our dev team current studio developments, investors being informed about our decisions.


  • Equality


Part of our code is the simple rule of shared ownership. Absolutely everyone can influence the studio and the project and we are inviting our developers to participate in this process.

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  • Sensitivity


We believe that empathy plays a key role in building relationships with everyone around us. We want to react to the events of the outside world with empathy and understanding and use games as tools to better the world around us.



  • Integrity


Integrity is one of the principles we will always stand for. We will never deceive anyone with fake creations that may present an untrue vision of our games. We will make sure that our developers are treated fairly and with respect. We will not mislead our investors and partners.

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How do we work?

Community Driven Development  - We love playing video games, we love making them too but we never forget who we're making them for! During development we invite players to playtest and provide us feedback on their experience. We want to release games in Early Access because it's a model that allows players and developers to work side by side with one another.

Ownership -  At Far From Home we believe that you can achieve great things only if you put your heart into your creation. This is why at work we are using a process in which we encourage creativity and responsibility while at the same time providing team support in order to deliver the task.  


Remote - We’ve been operating remotely from the start. However, we understand how important it is to meet in person. We want to meet face to face at least once per quarter. Ultimately we plan to work in hybrid mode. We know that there are people who prefer to work remotely, but there are also people who prefer to work on-site at our headquarters. In 2022 we plan to open an office in Wroclaw, but we will leave the choice to the people where they wish to work.


Flexible working hours - The Far From Home team is together to create games, but apart from work, everyone has their own life which is also very important. We understand that if you need to run some errands or if you've been partying the day before and need to rest, then you might want to adjust your work hours. We pay 100% of your salary for sick days and we do not require sick notes; we have a lot of trust in our team.

Career opportunities

Have we interested you? Do you feel that our values and mission resonate with you and you would like to join our team? Below are the current offers, but if you have any questions or would like to talk to us, please contact us at

Right now we are looking for:​

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