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1 Year of Early Access | Then vs Now Video | Coop First Look

See how far we've come and a sneak peek at what is coming

Greetings Scientist!

We recently hit one year of Early Access so we wanted to share with you all, our wonderful community, just how far things have come.

🚸 Then vs Now 🚸

First, here's a quick video of how the game looked at the very start of active development and prototyping in 2020 vs how it looks now.

📈 Some Early Access Milestones in Numbers 📈

  • 378 days in Early Access (as of July 4th, 2024)

  • 1,057 days in active development (starting April 30th, 2020)

  • 23 updates, content patches and hotfixes since Early Access launch

  • 2,340,000 hours / 97,500 days spent by players playing

  • 100 parts = the average airship build

  • 87% positive rating on Steam from 3,500+ reviews

🚀 Looking to The Future 🚀

To wrap things up, we also want to look at the game's future. As you know, we’ve been working on the development of the co-op mode for some time. So here are a few clips of the team testing out some work-in- progress CO-OP gameplay.

The starting location feels a tad less lonely now with friends

Testing the gameplay as well as the pilot's patience

Exploring and scavenging together

From all of us at Far From Home, we wanted to thank all our players, Kickstarter backers, Discord mods, fan-wiki contributors and keen playtesters! One way or another you've all shaped this game into what it is right now, and into what it will become as we work towards the final version.

So here’s to you all and to the next chapter of Forever Skies together!

Far From Home Team


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