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Forever Skies Airship Building Contest - win Geforce RTX 4080

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

It's time to launch the Forever Skies Airship Building Contest! We can’t wait to see what kind of imaginative bases you can create! The winner will receive a Geforce RTX 4080 graphics card and an exclusive Discord role “@Airship Contest Winner”.


  • Contest entries will be accepted only in Discord in the dedicated channel. Here’s the link to join -

  • Each entry must have it’s own thread within the channel (details of how to do this can be found in the channel itself)

  • Each player can submit ONE entry only

  • Players can submit their entry with either a minimum of 5 screenshots, or a short video.

  • Go into as much detail as possible. You have a higher chance of winning by documenting your base well and also by using the Remove HUD feature by pressing F3

  • The screenshots have to be the player's own capture, no official Forever Skies screens can be used.

  • Screenshots have to be taken in-game (no HUD is preferable). No third-party software can be used to alter images. E.G. Photoshop.

  • Airships with unofficial balloons from mods will not be accepted.

  • We reserve the right to publish and use your screenshots in Forever Skies promotions

  • Employees and partners of Far From Home are not eligible to enter - this includes their families.

  • This contest is for players in the USA, Canada, the EU, the UK, Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine, Turkey and Australia only

  • The winner will be decided by members of the studio, Far From Home.

  • The full terms and conditions can be found here -

  • By submitting an entry you accept these Terms & Conditions by default.


Entries will be judged based on three different criteria:

  • Ambition: How bold is your airship design, does it use the building, painting and decorating system effectively?

  • Aesthetics: Does your build make us stop and stare? Does it have the “wow” factor?

  • Practicality: How useful is your airship for your scientific adventure? Is it practical or is it just for show?

The competition will end on November 28th 2023! Are you ready? Let’s build some blimps!

Team Far From Home


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