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Upcoming Update Sneak Peak

Hello Scientists

Small Content Update and Next Patch ETA.

For those with a keen eye, we did a very small patch to the game. This was originally meant to be a standard patch with a few quality-of-life updates, bug fixes, and some additional in-game posters added in to wrap it all up.

However, our eagle-eyed QA team caught a few instances of something that might impact a few players with more advanced airship builds. So it was decided to run more tests before committing the fixes, but because we already had these posters ready, we thought we might as well put them into the game. It’s a quick and easy thing to add so no point waiting.

So there are now 10 additional posters that will randomly spawn into locations for you to find and spruce up your little home above the toxic dust. Here is a look at 3 so as not to spoil all the fun.

A Peek at What is Coming Up Next

On top of the next bug-fixing patch, our team is working hard on our next bigger update planned to be released sometime in October. The main theme around this update is “Threats and Viruses” where we’re aiming to introduce a few elements that make the world a little more dangerous and hostile.

From aggressive creatures to more viral infections along with effective countermeasures to deal with them. On top of this, there will be additional new locations and devices to add to your airship. In the meantime, here’s a look at some work-in-progress screens and concept art.

We hope you will like all the above and look forward to this update!

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading and see you in the skies.

The Far From Home Team


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