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Forever Skies playtests are starting soon

From the beginning of the development of Forever Skies, the idea behind the project was that the people for whom we are creating the game should participate in the development of the game. Today we are inviting you to sign up for the first playtest of Forever Skies.

The moment has come when we are ready to show you what we have been working on for more than two years. Over the past months we have been presenting concepts, screenshots, footage, asking questions about the mechanics, but we are aware that the best way to evaluate the game is simply to play it. That's why we want to invite you to play the demo as part of playtests.

You can sign up for the playtests using this form. The playtests will start in the end of September, but registration starts today. Selection of playtest participants will be based on the order of applications and hardware specifications. We also want to emphasize that participation in the playtests will be for adults only.

Your feedback is crucial for us. The game we are putting in your hands is a demo of a game still in development, not a closed project. The story we want to tell you is still ahead of us, but we believe that stage of work we are at now is the perfect time to give you a voice in choosing solutions with key mechanics. We sincerely encourage you to take this journey together.


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