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Forever Skies Future Flight Map

Hello Scientists

First off, we want to thank each and every one of you who picked up Forever Skies and helped make our Early Access launch a success.

We've been reading all your feedback, comments, and compliments and it's amazing to see that we're on the right course in the eyes of so many. This is however only the beginning...


Below you will find our Future Flight Map.

All of the content and features listed here are planned for in our development cycle and so with 100% certainty will be added to the game. The exact order of when each of these updates will be released will be based on priority and community feedback.


We have also set aside equal time and resources to account for all the features and content we want to add that will be community-driven. We knew from the start that much of how Forever Skies shapes out will be based on what our players will ask for and so as always, we ask that you let us know what are your thoughts.

1. Via our Discord (LINK)

2. The Steam Forums (LINK)

3. Using the FEEDBACK button in the pause menu of the actual game.

As a reminder, we are aiming to release larger game and content updates every 3-4 months with smaller updates and patches in between.

So thank you again for being a part of this journey with us. Enjoy the skies and everything to come.

Team Far From Home


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