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Forever Skies - First content patch is here!

Greetings scientists!

The first Forever Skies patch is here! Below we have spotlighted some of the highlights of the update and also the full patch notes!


A new Wind Farm variant can now be found in Forever Skies, called High Point. This new variant contains not one, but TWO new tech items for players to discover and research. Both of which have been highly requested. You will need to reach a very high altitude to gain access to the entirety of this location.


The first piece of tech you will find here is the blueprints for the Docking Plank. A useful tool for landing in hard-to-reach areas, and especially useful for players with large Airships who can no longer land their floating behemoths in the traditional manner.

Extend the catwalk to the desired length, and adjust the position as high or as low as you need. This new item makes landing at locations much easier.

But there is more to find here…

As well as all of the usual loot you would expect to find at Wind Farms, there is one more item to find here. And it’s the answer to one of the most highly requested additions since we launched into Early Access…


It exists! And it's coming to the First Ascent update. Got any old Small Storage Boxes or Glass Bottles you want to recycle back into raw materials? Well, now you can with the handy Recycler. Just place the item you want to recycle in the box and after a short moment, the basic materials will be presented to the player on a 360-degree rotation device.

This machine wouldn’t have been possible without your feedback, so let us know what you think of the design!


To put it simply, we’re increasing inventory size by 25%. Some items will now stack that didn’t before, like battery types. And total stack quantities are also being increased too. More details below:

Extractable item stacks have increased from 50 to 100

Picked-up item stacks have increased from 20 to 25

Rare pick-up items have increased from 5 to 10

But that's not all…

We’ve also increased the number of slots for the Small Storage Boxes & Hanging Shelves.

Finally, we've reduced the cost of fabricating certain Pickup items like Machine Parts & Plastic Scraps!


This one is pretty self-explanatory, more colours are coming. We have also fixed the spawn rate of Petit Astre plants. Meaning crafting Cartridges will be easier.


The final new item we’re showcasing is the Upgraded Auto-Extractor. Thanks to your feedback about the basic model, we decided to create an advanced model, that included some of the features that you guys requested.

Players now have more control over the tool:

- The ability to filter what extractable resources are collected

- Assign up to 4 containers (or none at all) for one specific resource

- The ability to save power by turning off the Extractor when it's not needed




- New Location - High Point Wind Farm

- New Device - Docking Plank

- New Device - Recycler

- New Device - Filtering Deck Extractor

- New Artifacts

- Visited locations become greyed out on the Radar after players collect the battery from the location

- Removed suit VO on immunity raising/decreasing

- Water Condenser trigger can be used regardless of the angle

- Automated Deck Extractor & Filtering Deck Extractor - added Power On/Off option

- Fabricator is added as research to conduct on the Research Station

- Extracting metal plates on the Lift location is saved

- Fewer Repair Patches spawned on locations

- The Upgraded Tool Charger is now in the Upgrade Station and takes a Tool Charger to craft

- Both Tool Chargers can now charge any tool

- Improved player guidance to Automatic Deck Extractor Wreck & Paint Tool location


- Bigger stacks of some resources

- Added batteries stacking

- Small Storage & Hanging Shelves have more space inside

- Reduced price of some crafted materials

- Fat and Glowing Moths nutrition parameters tweak


- Reworked "Quit without saving" and "Save and quit" buttons into separate "Save" and "Quit" buttons in the pause menu. "Quit" now asks the player if they also want to save the game

- Auto-save settings should now retain their values between sessions


- Added an option to set suggested graphics settings based on a hardware benchmark. This will run automatically for new players on the first launch. Existing players can find the option in the graphics settings


- Screen shakes decreased with options for jumping and with using tools (decreasing motion sickness)

- Many more keys are now supported for input rebinding, including: Num0-Num9, math operators, Insert-PageDown block, and symbols common for AZERTY keyboard layouts. If we still don't support the keys you need, please let us know through the Send Feedback form

- Option to decrease Airship sway (decreasing motion sickness)

- Full Controller Support - the game is now fully playable with a controller.

*Note: If you have previously activated any Steam Controller Inputs, make sure to turn these off if you wish to play with a controller.


- Supported controllers:

Xbox One

Xbox Series X




- Italian language added


- Fixed Petit Astre spawn on Garden locations - players will now be able to craft Painting Cartridges easier

- Fixed Garden Artifacts generation (they were not generated)

- Fixed an issue where some Paint Skins were not available in Memory Cards

- Fixed an issue where Corner Observatory was unlocked way later than it should in Memory Cards

- Fixed sleeping menu > Now the background should cover the whole screen

- Fixed several gamepad-specific bugs in menus and inventory

- Fixed a rare crash related to using F11 to toggle fullscreen

- Fixed a rare crash at the game launch related to analytics

- Fixed a bug with Water Condenser not being usable when you inserted a new membrane without taking out the water


- Version number added to the main menu

- Added death screen on permadeath that leads the player to the main menu and erases all saves for that play through

- Credits update


- The note requires keyboard input to write text

- The quick move doesn't work for liquids in a bottle


Speak soon,

Team Far From Home


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