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Forever Skies Expand Scope of EA Launch After Fan Feedback | Will Be Coming Out in the 1H2023

Far from Home have announced that their sci-fi survival game, Forever Skies, will move its Early Access launch from Winter 2022 into the first half of 2023. Team also showed never-before seen “Under the Dust” content plus extensive airship customization. An new extended Steam demo was also recently added.

After 80000+ people played the Forever Skies demo in the span of a week, the team received a wave of positive and constructive feedback which they want to implement now before the launch of Early Access.

An extensive post going into the details of what the team are adding and why can be found here. The post also has a collection of new screenshots highlighting some of these additions including the never-before-seen under the dust section for the first time as well as a look at the extensive airship building and customization.

In summary, five key areas are being expanded on top of additional features for Early Access.

  1. Fundamentals of under the dust gameplay

  2. Deeper location variety

  3. Fundamentals of airship damage and repair

  4. More airship customization

  5. The scientific approach to survival

The scope of what we want the final game to be hasn’t changed much. But what we want to add now for the start of Early Access vs what we planned to add as later updates has shifted notably. We were floored by the level of praise and attention we received for our demo and so now we want to deliver more content right out the gate. The team collectively decided they want to create a stronger Early Access first impression but to do this comfortably, we need more time – said Andrzej Blumenfeld, Gameplay Lead, Far From Home

A new extended Steam demo was also recently added back to Steam with the team adding various features the players asked for along with an extended 40 minute timer on the open world exploration section.


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