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Our artists welcome you backstage

Mateusz Majda and Tomek Borowiecki gave a long interview to 80LV, shedding some light on how they have been bringing Forever Skies to life.

Mateusz is the Art Lead, working for Far From Home for 1.5 years, while Tomek is in charge of special effects, and was among the initial team when the studio formed in 2020. Both artists are instrumental in how the game’s world looks and feels. Just recently they spoke with Arti Burton of 80LV, sharing what challenges they had to overcome while designing visuals and interactivity in Forever Skies.

We needed to communicate the changed world in a clear, comprehensive way, enabling not only interactions, but also delivering a story of how it all came to this point. That’s why the world in Forever Skies changes as the gamers make progress, sometimes in favour, sometimes not. The story and the actual background for the game’s foundation are delivered in three main settings: the airship, the secluded post-apocalyptic world in the clouds, and the hostile and toxic environment deep in the dust layer wreathing the Earth. This gave us control on the pace and quantity of information pushed to the gamers. - elaborates Mateusz Majda.

The game is set in a destroyed Earth far into the future. It’s a conscious choice, as Far From Home want to add a serious dimension to entertainment. The team to actually invent a world as it would have been after humanity went extinct due to a climate catastrophe. The studio highlights this matter as important for everyone equally, yet instead of dropping slogans or calls to action, they resorted to picture the probable outcome of today’s negligence and indifference. The artists discuss this in detail in the interview, which not only delivers a broad vision of how the game’s world is constructed, but shares various thoughts and choices with regards to tools and mechanics in Forever Skies.

The game’s protagonist is a scientist, thus, we every debate by asking: how a scientist would solve this particular problem, and what tools would they need? - explains Tomek Borowiecki in the interview. - The central scientific challenge in gameplay is researching viruses. They can be tested on… ourselves, which of course poses risks, but can also results in powercharging our abilities, leading to creative solutions in the game. - suggests Tomek.

Forever Skies was announced in January 2022 for PC and next-gen consoles. It is heading for Early Access release later this year. The studio has been expanding, and is looking for talents to join. Detailed job descriptions are available on the company website’s jobs section.

Far From Home supports and helps those who support refugees from Ukraine. We’re in close contact with a multitude of families who settled in Wroclaw. Along with friends and supporters, the studio financially supports the action called ‘Ukraine-Wroclaw Gamedev & Friends’ helping those in need. Details are available here as well as in our social media. Thanks to everyone joining us in support.


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