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“Airship Gardening”Update Live

Survive and thrive in the clouds| Forever Skies “Airship Gardening” update lets you create the ultimate floating greenhouse in your airship alongside much more.

Forever Skies is getting the biggest content update so far, one that adds many new features. The “Airship Gardening” update introduces further development of the storyline, letting players build vast, custom, self-sustaining gardens inside their airships to better survive in its ecologically ruined wasteland, and expands the building system with  "organic" elements by which the ship can be upgraded. 

Forever Skies is centered around a scientist on a one-way mission to a hostile, ecologically ruined Earth, looking for a cure to a viral infection that has hit the last remnants of humanity who fled into orbit. In the new update the game's protagonist, after unearthing information about a potential cure, sets off on the hunt. 

Airship Gardening Update Trailer:

Some of the major additions and changes in the update include:

  • Gardening system. New technology to discover, craft and place

  • New Underdust Map, “The Suburbs” roughly 4x bigger than the first

  • Range of new airship building options

  • The next chapter of the story 

  • Progression of existing story reworked and improved to give players a better understanding of their mission 

  • Improvements made to the world and many location types like Radio Towers, Overgrown Towers, Gardens and Lift Locations

  • New upgraded Knife: Aircutter

  • New simpler HUD design to address player feedback and changes to immunity

  • Addition of Chronic Diseases when a player has low immunity

  • Inventory rework to allow food, seeds and medicine to stack

  • Intel XeSS 1.2 added

Many of these new features have been built alongside player feedback as the game has gained a strong community around it since launching in Early Access.


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